Works with Google Drive

You can upload files from your PC or Google Drive.

Instruction Manual

We have a simple tutorial guide which explains the features of the software extension and what each button inside the extension does.

Read our tutorial and welcome guide on how to use the extension to the fullest.

Any operating system works

This addons works on all computers - the operating system you use doesn't matter.

Welcome to Adblocker for Youtube

Thank you for installing and using our extension

Want to block ads on Youtube? Just want to watch your videos on Youtube in peace without being bombarded by advertisements when you're inside a video?

Download and install Adblocker for Youtube today. Our software allows you to customise the ads you want to block, you can choose to block both video pre-roll ads as well as the text ads which appear at the bottom of the Youtube video. Another cool feature this software has is it allows you to Whitelist channels which you subscribe to.

Get started and save hours/days in your life once you have blocked out unskippable ads in Youtube. This software is 100% free to use.


1. Install and open.

- After install the extension You click icon

- Blocking ads will start automatically